Health and Wellness / Nurses Aide

The Health and Wellness Ministry, under the direction of the Nurses' Aide Circle, seeks to focus the members' awareness on the essential Christian ministry of health and healing. This health ministry promotes healing and health as wholeness, as a mission of this Church to its members and to the community it serves.
Our goals are to:
  • Find opportunities to help those who are in the hospital, homebound or living in residential care centers.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices through seminars and workshops, giving information in such areas as exercise, nutrition and stress management.
  • Make possible early detection and treatment of illness through health screenings.
  • Provide appropriate resources and advocacy to individuals and to the community.

The Nurses' Aide Circle administers service to those in need during Worship Service. They also serve bereaved families during Funeral Services.

The Nurses' Aide Circle is responsible for the needs of the Pulpit.
The Nurses' Aide provides annual Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations to the members of the Church.

Sis. Michelle Johnson, Nurses' Aid President