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Subject “Man in the Image of God
In these lessons, each student will gain a working knowledge of  what God has done throughout human history in order to save mankind.


 November 22, 2017                                       "Creation" - Part 2

" The Creation of Man"
      Genesis 1 has a climax. Creation has a purpose beyond the pleasure expressing His character might give to the Lord. Creation is also an expression of love, for God designed the world as a gift to be given to the highest of His creations: humankind.

And so the text tells us that God created man in His own image. And God determined to give man dominion over all He had made.
Thus the words repeated to Adam, “I give you … ” stand as a benediction to the wonders revealed in Genesis 1. “I give you” is a benediction which marks God as One who cares for others; a benediction which is the Bible’s first indication that the God of Creation is a God of love.
Genesis 2 answers a basic question. What is the origin and nature of human beings? The answer is that we human beings are the special creation of God, made in His image and likeness. Our special creation gives each human being individual worth and value. Because God made us, and made us like Himself, you and I are precious beings.
Genesis 2, then, lays the foundation for our understanding of ourselves and for our view of others. If human beings are special to God, we must learn to love others, and can love ourselves as well.
➔     Image and Likeness. When found together, as in Genesis 1:26; 5:1, 3, selem and demut make a theological statement about human nature, affirming that we bear a “likeness-image” to God. Like God we are persons, with an emotional, moral, and intellectual resemblance to our Creator.
➔     Rule. The Hebrew word in 1:28 is found 25 times in the Old Testament and is used of the rule of human beings rather than of God. It does suggest authority, but also implies responsibility. We are to care for God’s earth, which He entrusted to humankind.

Question: What does it mean to be made in the image of God? In what respect did God make man like Himself?


  1. Relationship: Man has a relationship to God that the other creatures do not have.
  2. Representative: Man is the representative of God in the world.
  3. Responsibility:  Man has a responsibility to God. As such, he is required to exercise stewardship over creation. This is reflected in the charge to have “dominion” over the earth. Responsibility also presupposes the capacity of moral choice.
  1. “Can a view of evolution be held that leaves room for the doctrine of the image of God?
  2. Can the image of God ever be lost in man?
    1. If so, How?
    2. If not, why not?
Next week, November 29, 2017:  "The Fall of Mankind"

Rev. Dr. Alvin Love, Pastor is our instructor for this series.

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