Another change is coming to Social Security – It will fully affect disability benefits

Chris Hemsworth
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The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced a significant change to its disability benefits evaluation process. This change aims to simplify and expedite the application process by focusing on the most recent five years of work history instead of the previous 15 years.

New Guidelines by SSA

What’s Changing?

The SSA will now consider only the past five years of work history for disability benefit applications, streamlining the process and reducing decision times.

Why the Change?

Previously, examining a 15-year work history posed challenges for applicants, often leading to inaccuracies in reports. Focusing on the last five years aims to make it easier for applicants to recall relevant information.

Policy Update on Gainful Employment

Work experience lasting less than a month will no longer be considered during the application process, further simplifying reporting requirements.

Impact on Applicants

Commissioner Martin O’Malley stated that the new rule will reduce administrative burdens and improve the quality of decision-making, aiming to shorten processing and wait times.

Perspective on Social Security Benefits

Current Beneficiaries

As of May, over 7.2 million disabled workers receive Social Security benefits, with average monthly benefits around $1,500, totaling approximately $11 million disbursed monthly.

SSA Programs

The SSA manages Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), crucial for vulnerable populations in the US.

Improvements for Applicants

The changes aim to help disabled individuals access benefits more efficiently, ensuring accurate determinations while easing financial burdens.

The SSA’s new guidelines on disability benefits aim to simplify the application process, reduce administrative burdens, and expedite decision-making, ultimately improving support for disabled individuals.


What are the SSA’s new guidelines for disability benefits?

The SSA will now focus on the past five years of work history instead of 15, simplifying the application process.

Why did the SSA change its evaluation process?

To reduce administrative burden on applicants and improve decision-making efficiency.

How will the policy on gainful employment change?

Work experiences lasting less than a month will no longer be considered during the application process.

What impact will these changes have on disability benefit applicants?

They aim to make it easier for applicants to provide accurate information and receive decisions faster.

How do these changes benefit current Social Security beneficiaries?

They streamline processes, potentially reducing delays and improving access to vital benefits.

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