Why Is Everybody Watching ‘Suits’?

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For the past four months, Suits has been the hottest series on television, breaking a slew of streaming viewership records.

Now the franchise, which ended in September 2019 with the Suits series finale, is plotting a comeback.

A New Chapter in the Suits Universe

Series creator Aaron Korsh is in development of a Suits offshoot for NBCUniversal, sources tell Deadline.

Deals are still being negotiated, but the project is expected to be fast-tracked with a serious commitment.

Not a Revival or a Reboot

This is not a revival or reboot and, unlike the 2019 Pearson, the new legal procedural is not a spinoff either.

Instead, it will be a Suits universe series in the vein of the CSI and NCIS franchises, featuring new characters in a new location.

Sources indicate that Los Angeles is a potential backdrop for the workplace drama.

Platform and Network Considerations

Like most NBCUniversal developments, a network or platform for the potential new series has not been determined yet.

The original Suits and spinoff Pearson both aired on the company’s USA Network.

They were produced by UCP, part of Universal Studio Group. UCP, where Korsh was based for many years with back-to-back overall deals, is in discussions to produce the new offshoot.

Korsh is expected to serve as executive producer alongside David Bartis and Doug Liman, who were EPs with him on the original series.

A representative for NBCU declined to comment.

The Original Suits: A Look Back

Suits centers on famous litigator Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), who, impressed by university expellee Mike Ross’s (Patrick J. Adams) photographic memory and skills, brings him to the prestigious law firm where he is a partner.

The series also stars Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, and Gina Torres.

It was popular in its day, making it to nine seasons and spawning the short-lived spinoff, Pearson, headlined by Torres.

Transition to Streaming and Explosive Popularity

Suits transitioned to streaming and was available on Prime Video and Peacock for years.

Then, in an unassuming, modestly priced ($200K-$400K an episode) second-cycle non-exclusive deal, Netflix this year took in the first eight seasons of the show, sharing them with Peacock.

A Lightning in a Bottle

What followed was nothing short of lightning in a bottle.

Possibly fueled by curiosity over Markle’s final role before becoming a British royal and helped by the series’ breezy, addictive storytelling and memorable characters, Suits has exploded in popularity.

Last week, it surpassed Ozark for the most No. 1 overall finishes in the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 ever.

Creator Aaron Korsh’s Reaction

Even Suits creator Aaron Korsh seems a little stunned by his series’ runaway success in its second life.

“I always thought we were underestimated, but it turns out, even I underestimated #Suits,” he wrote in a retweet of Deadline’s story on the latest streaming record broken by his show.

“It’s good to be the King.”

The Impact of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s involvement in Suits has undoubtedly contributed to the show’s renewed success.

Markle played Rachel Zane, a paralegal who eventually becomes a lawyer and Mike Ross’s love interest.

Her role in Suits was her last acting job before she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.

The public’s interest in Markle’s life has brought additional attention to the show, creating a perfect storm for its resurgence.

The success of Suits highlights the enduring appeal of legal dramas.

These shows offer a mix of high-stakes tension, intellectual battles, and complex character relationships.

Suits distinguished itself with its sharp dialogue, stylish presentation, and the dynamic between its leads.

The forthcoming series will need to capture these elements while bringing fresh perspectives to the Suits universe.

New Characters and Locations

The new Suits series will introduce entirely new characters and will be set in a different location, likely Los Angeles.

This shift will allow the franchise to explore new legal landscapes and cultural settings, providing a fresh backdrop for the high-powered legal battles and personal dramas that fans love.

Challenges and Opportunities

Creating a new series within the Suits universe comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities.

The new show will need to establish its identity while maintaining the essence of what made the original Suits so beloved.

Balancing continuity with innovation will be key to its success.

Potential for Crossovers

While the new series will feature new characters, there is always the possibility of crossovers with the original cast.

Cameos or guest appearances by beloved characters like Harvey Specter or Donna Paulsen could provide a bridge between the old and new series, delighting long-time fans and introducing the original Suits to a new audience.

Conclusion: The Future of Suits

The Suits franchise’s return is highly anticipated, and with the original series’ unexpected streaming success, the new offshoot has a solid foundation to build upon.

Fans are eager to see how the Suits universe will expand and what new legal challenges and character dynamics will emerge.


1. Will the original cast be involved in the new series?

The new Suits series will feature entirely new characters. However, there may be potential for guest appearances or cameos from the original cast.

2. When will the new Suits series be released?

As of now, the new series is still in development. A release date has not been announced yet.

3. Where will the new Suits series be set?

The new series is expected to be set in Los Angeles, providing a fresh backdrop for the legal drama.

4. What network or platform will air the new Suits series?

A network or platform for the new series has not been determined yet. The original Suits aired on USA Network and is currently available on Netflix and Peacock.

The resurgence of Suits can be attributed to its availability on Netflix, Meghan Markle’s involvement, and the series’ compelling storytelling and memorable characters.

This combination has attracted a new audience and reignited interest among original fans.

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